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Specialists in transporting abnormal loads, we are regularly called upon to move wide, tall and heavy loads across the UK and Europe. It’s a process requiring detailed planning, highly skilled teams and the right equipment for the job.

Route Planning
Transporting structures 80 tonnes in weight, 40 metres long or nine metres wide requires a great deal of advance planning. A visual assessment identifies potential problem areas and computerised mapping programmes are then used to produce animated simulations of difficult corners and junctions.

Specialist Equipment
Our fleet includes dedicated trailers for abnormal loads, including modular trailers with changeable axle configurations to accommodate different weights and loads. MDF Transport’s own escort vehicles and pilot cars ensure that all movements are carried out in the safest way possible. As well as working closely with the British police and highway authorities, we also have abnormal load permits for Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and category 1 and 2 permits for France.

There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to the complex business of moving abnormal loads. From planning and preparation to loading and delivery, our drivers and their support teams are specialists in the field.

MDF Transport Abnormal LoadsMDF Transport Abnormal Loads

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