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The size of our fleet, our expertise in handling abnormal loads and our experience in the energy industry makes MDF Transport a first choice for customers with special projects. Here are just a few we’ve undertaken:

Bacton to King’s Lynn 44-mile gas pipeline, Norfolk.
During a period of eight weeks we moved 1,350 loads of 4ft diameter gas pipe weighing eight tonnes each. The 12 trucks involved in the operation moved three pipes at a time in a continuous, well-orchestrated process.

Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, to Tirley, Gloucestershire,
115-mile LNG gas pipeline.

Starting in January 2006, MDF Transport lorries will spend 11 months moving 7,400 loads of 4ft diameter, 8-tonne gas pipe as part of a major fuel supply project.

Land Drilling Rig to Siberia.
The transportation of this land drilling rig by ship from Great Yarmouth to Siberia involved 29 separate loads, which had to be delivered in the correct order. The project involved loads up to 45 tonnes in weight, 70ft long and 18ft wide.

Oil Drilling Equipment to Tunisia.
Six lorry loads of drilling equipment were transported together by road and delivered to an exploration company at a desert site in Tunisia.

Drilling Pipe for Azerbaijan.
A massive Antonov freight aircraft - one of the biggest in the world - was waiting at Manston Airfield, Kent, to take delivery of six lorry loads of drilling pipe. They were rushed to the airfield to meet an extraordinarily tight delivery deadline.

MDF Transport Special ProjectsMDF Transport Special Projects

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