MDF Transport
MDF Transport
MDF Transport

MDF TRANSPORT can provide trailers to suit any transport need.

  • Over 40 curtain sided trailers in the fleet
  • Can handle freight in all shapes and sizes (up to 49M long and 85 Tonnes in weight)
  • Innovative adaptation to various trailers to improve efficiency of moving customers specialist products
  • Double deck and mega curtain sided trailers for loads up to 101 cubic meters
  • Step Frame and low loader trailer available
  • Modular trailers with changeable axel configurations
  • First UK Company to acquire specialist wind turbine nacelles carrier, a trainer providing greater flexibility for current and future turbine designs
  • Escort vehicles and pilot cars within the fleet
  • Nooteboon World Lift adaptor


TEL: +44(0)1493 441444  FAX: +44(0)1493 657401
MDF (Gt Yarmouth) Ltd, Grampian House, Hewett Road,
Gapton Hall Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth, NR31 0NN